500 years b.c.


The ancient Villa rustica, located east of Wachenheim, was built 500 years B.C. Today the Villa is the largest best kept roman estate in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz. This is the story about her discovery, excavation, restoration and her meaning as an open-air museum nowadays.   


The Roman estate was discovered by chance during land consolidation in 1980. During the next decade, the area with its Roman remains was almost completely excavated by experts of the Department of Archeological Restoration of Historic Buildings and Monuments, Speyer. Its remains were restored and since then are exposed in the Roman Area of the Historic Museum in Speyer.


The costs of purchasing the land, of landscaping, of excavations and restoration were borne for the most part by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The district administration of Bad Dürkheim and the town of Wachenheim, which is also the owner of that monument, granted considerable subsidies. The association of winegrowers affected in 1980 contributed to the purchase of the area within the frame of their assessment. The town of Wachenheim, together with the district community of Wachenheim within the frame of their responsibilities, took over the arising costs of conservation.


In 1991 a Society to preserve the Villa rustica has been founded, the so called "Förderkreis". Its members maintain the green area and the 2000 year old walls. Besides presenting this homepage, they organize guided tours and scientific archaeological excursions. 


The importance of the Villa rustica Wachenheim can be explained by its complete description, its huge mansion and several agricultural outbuildings. Considering the numerous villae existing in the area of the upper Rhine valley, it's only here, at Wachenheim, where you get a complete impression of rural settlement and aspects of agricultural production 2000 years ago.


The estate also is the starting point of an ancient Roman Circuit. Following the paths through the vinyards, more traces of Roman excavations can be discovered, of which the Weilberg, an ancient wine-growing etate, is quiet outstanding by it's impressive architecture and an original roman wine-press.


For more detailed information please contact the Society Villa rustica Wachenheim by mail.

We recommend a visit of the Historic Museum  where the excavated treasures of the Villa rustica Wachenheim can be regarded.